Since 2004, VG Scaffold has grown from Kochi to one of Kerala’s leading scaffold and shoring solution providers. Throughout our history, the VG Scaffolding team has been a trusted and reliable partner to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products, industry leading experience and a dedicated focus on safety.


To preserve VG Scaffolding as an industry leader by exceeding customer expectations while cultivating employee growth for longevity.


VG Scaffolding provides industry-spanning solutions with our dedication to safety, integrity and value. Our service commitment to customers, employees and community is founded on ethical behaviour, innovation, knowledge, open communication, environmental stewardship and the pursuit of excellence.

OUR CORE VALUES - Safety, Integrity and Value.

Our core values are our guiding principles that govern everything we do as we work hard to enhance VG Scaffolding’s reputation as a leader in the construction industry, an employer of choice, and a committed company focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


We aim to create and maintain a healthy and safe working environment, with a view to continuous improvement by fostering an enthusiastic commitment to health and safety for our employees, customers, vendors and the public.


Integrity is the key to our success. Every job is completed to the highest level with customer satisfaction as our gold standard. Every product is manufactured and tested for quality and excellence.


Our value is measured in the quality of our service, the savings to your bottom-line, the expertise provided by our employees, and the completion of your projects on schedule and on budget every time.

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